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IMPACT Initiatives is a leading Geneva-based think-and-do tank which aims to improve the impact of humanitarian, stabilisation and development action through data, partnerships and capacity building programmes. The work of IMPACT is done through its three initiatives: REACH, AGORA and PANDA.

With over 400 staff members, including assessment, data analysis, GIS experts and field professionals, IMPACT teams are present in over 20 countries across the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. IMPACT is a sister organisation of ACTED, a non-governmental organisation with headquarters in Paris.


To shape practices and influence policies in humanitarian and development settings in order to positively impact individuals and communities. We, as a think and do-tank, enable better and more effective decision-making by generating and promoting knowledge, tools and best-practices for humanitarian and development stakeholders. We believe that by understanding settlements through the lens of community dynamics, governance structures and socio-economic relationships, we can positively impact the lives of people, improve communities’ development pathways and contribute to a fairer world.



To act as a catalyst for change of aid practices and policies in order to sustainably impact individuals and their communities.



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IMPACT’s team includes 400 full-time professionals working on our projects in +25 countries and in our headquarters in Geneva. Aside from ongoing projects, IMPACT deploys its staff to rapid-onset crises and disasters, supporting evidence-based and inclusive aid planning from the very beginning of emergencies to post-crisis environments.

IMPACT’s staff comprises of over 150 international professionals ranging from assessment, data analysis to geographic information system or GIS experts. Work in the field heavily relies on the experience of our 250 full-time national staff. Furthermore, our large-scale assessments and programmes are made possible by the contribution of hundreds of enumerators who are vital in supporting IMPACT with data collection and field research.

Thanks to the relevance and success in our work, IMPACT is expanding quickly. We are continuously looking for talented new team members to join us both in the field as well as in our HQ in Geneva.