IMPACT mobilises to inform humanitarian response planning following the escalation of violence in Middle East

30 October 2023

Following the escalation of conflict and violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories (oPt) since 7 October 2023, IMPACT has mobilized to support humanitarian partners and coordination platforms in their response. Within this framework, our teams are directly supporting humanitarian planning through secondary and primary data and Information Management (IM) support.

For example, we have supported the Global Shelter Cluster to produce some maps based on remote sensing that provide an indication of the level of damage in conflict-affected areas in Gaza:

We have also supported the drafting of other information products that have been used and disseminated by strategic humanitarian partners.

Prior to the recent escalation in hostilities, IMPACT had been supporting the humanitarian response in , conducting the oPt’s first (and then second) Multi-Sector Needs Assessment (MSNA), which served to inform the Humanitarian Needs Overview (HNO) and Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP).You can find below some of our products to inform on pre-existing vulnerabilities in both Gaza and the West Bank in the oPt:

As well as some specific products about Gaza:

West Bank:

If you are interested in receiving updates, or if you are a former staff interested in working with us on this crisis, kindly contact

Photo credit – Palestine Red Crescent Society, 2023