Partner With Us

When you collaborate with Serve Uganda Initiative, your organisation/company supports our efforts in creating a movement of educated youth volunteers who are changing lives and communities in Uganda. For example, a group of mentors from a company can help young people to gain initial contact with, and getting closer to the labour market.

If we have an educated youth population that cannot transform our communities, then we have failed. It is a strong statement, but one we wholeheartedly believe.
For companies involved, the partnership can generate new knowledge and new understanding of the companies’ CSR policy (Corporate Social Responsibility), thereby giving something back to the communities as well.

We collaborate with a broad spectrum of organisations/companies in Uganda and internationally, in order to complement and enhance each other’s strengths and resources for achieving the familiar goals. Our youth volunteers make the greatest possible contribution to the eradication of poverty and the promotion of prosperity.

If your organisation/company is interested in collaborating with us, send us an email on