Become a volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Thank you for your interest to serve as a youth volunteer in order to change lives and communities in Uganda. As a local youth volunteer, you can play a pivotal role in Uganda’s transformative development agenda.

To become a transformational community leader before starting your volunteering journey, you will receive a 4-week intensive residential orientation and training in leadership and governance, community entry skills for community development, soft skills related to communication, critical thinking, creativity, collaboration among others, as well as training in business and entrepreneurship skills. In addition to pre-assignment training, mentors provide ongoing training and support to keep the volunteers acquainted with information needed for communities to flourish.

Who we look for:

We aim to recruit highly motivated, open-minded and committed university/college graduates and professionals from a variety of disciplines and with interest in society development.

We seek out youth volunteers who set out to become community leaders as well as community changers through love, interest and passion and commitment to the work without expecting any financial or material rewards.

We are looking for Uganda’s most promising future leaders who are willing to serve for at least 6 months after their training, and they can always commit to the program for a longer time if they want to.

Roles of our volunteers

The youth volunteers, with their knowledge and ability to self-organize, can help expand and mobilize constituencies, and engage people in national planning and implementation for the sustainable development goals, by doing the following:

  • Working with community members as advocates of social justice and inclusion through public awareness programs that raise the public’s level of understanding about human rights, government policies, accountability issues and development issues.
  • Working towards better health and hygiene by helping people in their communities to change their everyday habits that matter to health.
  • Improving the quality of teaching to children in rural communities in Uganda, where there is lack of qualified teachers and over 70% dropout rates.
  • Working with community members to identify employment and income generating opportunities at the community level, train people in income generating activities and business management skills in partnership with local public and private training providers; and provide the necessary post-training support, for example, facilitating access to markets and credit.