Country Overview

Country Overview

IMPACT was first deployed to Libya in 2011 and 2012 through its REACH initiative, to support the humanitarian response following the ousting of the regime. As conflict re-escalated, REACH redeployed to Libya in 2015.

The conflict has affected millions of people across the country and driven vast numbers into displacement. Furthermore, the conflict has largely impacted refugee and migrant populations making their way towards Europe. Today, REACH’s work focuses on multi-sector and sector-specific needs assessments as well as research programmes investigating the impacts of migration flows and the ongoing economic crisis on the country and its vulnerable population groups.

Storm Daniel

On 11 September 2023, Storm Daniel struck northeastern Libya, causing thousands of deaths, displacement, and extensive damage along the coast, particularly in Derna and Al Bayda cities. In Derna, rainfall exceeded 100mm in just just three days, where the average monthly rainfall for the whole of September is under 1.5mm. The storm resulted in a city-wide power outage in Al Bayda and disrupted the telecommunications network. Flash floods resulted in widespread damage, especially in Derna, where the collapse of two dams and other infrastructure reportedly washed away entire neighborhoods and displaced thousands. As many as 30,000 have been reported missing and there is a rising death toll, with initial estimates at over 5,000 across the country.

Within 48 hours of the storm, REACH mobilised to produce satellite imagery analysis, combined with analysis of pre-crisis data to identify the most significant flooding impacts. The following information products have been released since 12 September:

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